Which Nails Are Best For Me?

Which nails are for me

At Rose Beauty Services we use the latest techniques in nail treatment to give you strong, long-lasting nails. We offer a full consultation so that you have the right treatment for you and can achieve the beautiful nails you want! With such a large amount of styles and products out there it can be hard to know which nail system you are looking for. below is a handy guide:

We offer


Full Set of nail tips that will be sized and shaped to give you that instant look available in

French: White tips with a pink/ clear finish. Colour finish or Clear finish

Overlays for Hands and feet: a natural look that strengthens your own nails (without extensions)

available in Clear/ French / Colour

Nail Replacements if you have a troublesome nail we can help! Providing a full consultation and with treatment to that individual nail

IBD Just Gel Polish – IBD Just Gel Polish is a soak off lightweight gel polish.

IBD Just Gel Polish is a protective shield for natural nails this popular treatment is a durable manicure with due to zero dry time.

IBD Just Gel Polish will not chip, peel or wear and will last up to 21 days. It can be applied over a natural or artificial nail.

IBX Nail strengthening IBX system is a revolutionary protective treatment system. The first treatment of its kind to work inside the nail as opposed to sitting on top and is key to protection from soak-off polish. The solution to weak damaged and peeling nails.

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