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The dictionary states Waxing; the act or technique of applying a depilatory wax to the body for removing hair. 

Waxing has been around for centuries. And hair removal continues to be a popular service in the salon. As I have been waxing for many years here are some answers to some questions that come up.   

Will waxing hurt?

Yes but only briefly. Waxing when performed correctly is a lot like taking a plaster off. Done quickly and with the correct technique the discomfort is minimal.

Tip Women’s pain threshold is at its minimum immediately before and during a menstural period. It’s always a good idea to come a week or so after your period when we feel a little less sensitive. 

Tip: Take half a paracetamol if you are worried or it’s your first time. Feeling anxious will cause you to feel more sensitive to discomfort. 

Wont it just grow back thicker? Especially asked when it comes to facial waxing.

The hairs are removed in batches by using crème wax and paper strips. After an area is waxed the body sends healing blood cells to the area, if the area is small say a hair removed individually by tweezers this can stimulate growth, but not so if the waxed area is larger hence the hairs don’t grow back thicker.

How long will it last? 

A typical hair cycle has three stages. Growing, resting and finally a natural shedding of the hair. The aim is to remove hair at a growing stage this way the results last longer up to 6 weeks.

Tip: Grow your hairs and wax regularly through the winter months and you can be 6-8 weeks hair free for the summer! Hello holiday! 

Tip exfoliate once to twice a week to avoid ingrown hairs 

A word on Intimate waxing sometimes the names get a little muddled up so here is the professional definition:

  • Hollywood all hair removed
  • Brazilian all hair removed from pubic area leaving a strip over pubic mound 

And finally if you’re thinking of waxing before your holiday come in a week before you go. Applying self tan isn’t advised 24 hours after a wax.  Avoid the sun for 7 days after a wax as the area is more susceptible to sun damage 

Heat services, swimming and exercise are best avoided 24 hours after a wax also. So book in plenty of time and you can be hair free and carefree 

Emma xx

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