SVS Lash Extensions

Nouveau Lashes Ashby de la Zouch

Beautiful natural looking lashes with volume that lasts! 

Do you long for volume? 

Do you want natural lash enhancement?

Creating individual and bespoke looks for your lashes. We are all individuals so why get the same lash treatment as someone else! Here at Emma Rose Beauty based in Ashby de la Zouch, we use award-winning Nouveau Lashes. Booking an SVS lash treatment I will create an individual set of fan lashes unique and bespoke to you! 

Lashes extensions to enhance a natural lash have been a staple of Emma Rose Beauty, beauty salon for years and with new innovations in lash thickness, length and curls it’s easy to see why this is a favourite treatment.

With the trend for fuller lashes that are light weight and fluffy, lash extensions are the best way to achieving a fuller look.

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Here some answers to questions I get commonly asked:

Will lash extensions damage my lashes? 

Put simply if the lashes are cared for correctly and applied correctly they will not damage your own natural lash.  

Won’t I feel the lash extensions and might that irritate? 

Finer lashes also feel better; in fact, you may forget you’re even wearing the extensions. Lashes come in different lengths and thicknesses. By using fine lashes I can create a full look that is weightless.

How does the application work?

Nouveau lashes are a professional vegan product that’s made from soft and naturally synthetic material designed to bond to a lash with adhesive. I custom a bespoke fan and isolate a single lash to create a fuller fluffy natural look. 

How long will it last?

Designed to last up to 12 weeks, with maintenance.

What maintenance is involved?

After the initial treatment, for a 1st time client, I recommend a complimentary check up after a week followed by maintenance sessions every 2-3 weeks. 

What happens during a maintenance appointment?

The purpose of the maintenance sessions is to repair, top-up and add extra lash extensions as required. Maintenance should be repeated every 2-3 weeks until lash removal is required or a full removal is needed before new application (after 12 weeks of wear)

Does it hurt? 

No. Lash extension treatments are actually a very relaxing treatment with no pain or discomfort experienced. 

And finally…..

If your thinking of treatment before your holiday or special event such as a wedding, party, prom…come in a week before you go.

Swimming and other activities that could cause the lashes to get wet should be avoided for 48hrs after application. If you’re a regular swimmer, no problem, just come in sooner, with shorter periods between maintenance recommended 

Appying self tan isnt advisable 24 hours before or after treatment as the guide colour can coat lashes. 

So book in plenty of time and you can enjoy fluffy beautiful lashes

Emma xx

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