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Non Surgical Face Lift 

There are many names, job titles and definitions for the work I do, beautician, beauty therapist. The newest name being facialist. 

I have been working for many years in the industry. I started in spas before moving to a high street salon and now I work from home. I offer bespoke treatments but most of all I offer the opportunity for you to come way feeling better about yourself. 

And what better way to feel great than to have a skin treatment so this month I want to concentrate on skin services. 

One question I have been asked time and again, as a therapist is which skin treatments really work?  With such a big topic that is varied in its nature I wanted to single out electrical skin services. 

Treatments to help you look younger such as Microcurrent have been around for many years and are a favourite of the celebrities. In salon microcurrent, otherwise known as a no surgical face lift, is by far the most requested skin treatment and one I personally use. 

But how can that work I hear you cry? Well unlike Botox that freezes the muscle leading to wasting over time. Microcurrent re-educates and strengthens the muscle resulting in lifting, firming and toning. All whilst infusing the skin products used in the treatment further into the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are improved.

So the science part 

What can microcurrent do for you?

Originally developed for treating facial palsy, Microcurrent lifts and re -educates muscles. In the aesthetic realm can:

• Increase blood and lymph circulation

• Enhance the penetration of the active ingredients of skin care formulations

• Increase the production of collagen and elastin

How does Microcurrent do this?

We all have electrical charges pulsating throughout our bodies. Microcurrent can be used to stimulate the muscles with out muscle contraction. Microcurrent is an extremely small pulsating current of electricity that is finely tuned to the level of the normal electrical exchanges that take place in the body. As a result mitochondria is stimulated and the ATP (cells energy) has been shown to improve by 500%!!

By stimulating fibres, the muscle is woken up. The current normalises the activity in the cell, the muscle is returned to normal its shape and position. Muscle memory is reactivated.

In the salon I use the award winning BT Technology. This controls the exact micro amperage, wave shape and frequency, controlling how deep the energy can travel into the skin, and therefore, can control the precise location and consistency of “specific iontophoresis” (microcurrent)

As this is a preventative service, I personally love this as a course before switching to a monthly maintenance. The initial results are immediate.  I use this for such a wide range of client as the benefits are more the just improved lines and wrinkles and the initial results are immediate.

An initial course of 12 is recommended followed by a monthly maintenance and home care routine.

Skin treatment includes full cleanse, exfoliation, followed by Microcurrent electrical service. 6 treatments on face followed by 6 treatments on face and neck.

£440 for 12 treatments

More treatments I offer using electrical technologies:

Platinum toucha skin treatment for hands

Using microcurrent powered mittens, rejuvenating the skins deeper tissue as well as higher, in the epidermal tissues.

Great for winter hands or sun damaged/aging hands. Dryness/dehydration or lack of circulation.

Quickly clear- acne therapy for face, neck, back and chest

using varying polarities to achieve clearer skin.

Negative polarity opens pores to clear. Positive polarity is used to bring down inflammation and heal tissue by deeply infusing products.

Emma xx

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